Company Promex is founded in 1990 and is one of the first Bulgarian companies that have successfully passed the difficult years of transition. We are specialized in the production of equipment for agriculture and livestock breeding, as well as products for the industry. The company is located in the heart of the industrial zone of Sofia and operates its own production site with an area of ​17,000 m². The available material and technical facilities, consisting of production halls and administrative offices with an area of 6,500 m², are in a process of continuous renewal and expansion.

For 23 years now, PROMEX has been operating in a successful partnership with MONOFLO, a Germany-based company. The joint activities combine the competitive advantages of both companies. The Bulgarian partner provides high-tech equipment and skilled team of over 150 employees, thus contributing to higher productivity and achieving flexibility in the implementation of custom-made projects. MONOFLO provides for the delivery of high quality raw materials at affordable prices and ensures the distribution of the finished products in the international market.

Corporate History

  • 1990 The company was founded by Dipl. Eng. Georgi Shtarbev
  • 1993 Start of the cooperation with MONOFLO and specialization in the production of livestock water trough systems
  • 1997 Hristo Shtarbev, son of Georgi Shtarbev, joins the family business
  • 1998 The company purchases its own production site with an area of 3,000 m² and starts mass production
  • 2005 Expansion of the production site by additional area of 8,000 m²
  • 2007 Construction of sheet metalworking workshop
  • 2008 Installation of the company's first laser cutting machine Bystronic 4 KW
  • 2009 Establishment of CNC lathe and cutter section
  • 2010 Introduction of robotic welding
  • 2010 Purchase of adjacent production property of 6,000 m²
  • 2011 Machinery upgrade by introducing an advanced roll punching CNC machine
  • 2012 Introduction of a 3D bending machine for dense iron rolls up to 10 mm diameter
  • 2013 Installation of a second laser cutting machine Bystronic 6KW
  • 2015 Construction of a modern air-conditioned workshop with an area of 1,400 m²
  • 2015 Installation of a state-of-the-art 3D bending machine for pipes with 9 bending axes

About Sports

A distinctive feature of the company is the access to various sports during the rest time at work and outside of the working hours. Football, fitness, table tennis and chess are among the well-established activities, and since mid-2015, PÉTANQUE has been added to the list of the sports practised. The subsequent interest resulted in the arrangement of domestic tournaments and participation in the Republican Championship. We contributed to the development of this sport at a competitive level through our cooperation with the Bulgarian Pétanque Federation (BPF) to support the organization of the European Pétanque Championship in 2015 and by setting up a new club, already a member of BPF. Due to Helmut Rader and Nele Rader ("Monoflo"), the BPF members will have their first-class boules before the start of the sports season in 2016. The practice of pétanque with quality equipment within the company and outside is a process that develops, strengthens and restores the physical and mental health, the mutual trust and the team spirit to achieve success and high sports skills.